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Our Philosophy

The Inventive Advantage

Our team or architects and engineers at Inventive Builders are highly committed to achieving extraordinary success for all of our construction projects in New York, New Jersey, Connecticut, and Pennsylvania. We are continuously striving to produce the best commercial and residential building projects in the Tri-State area.



Groundbreaking Innovation

Inventive Builders utilize the most modern pioneering technology for construction, architecture, project management, and design to produce efficient and sustainable residential and commercial buildings.


Customer Service

An Honest Experience

At Inventive Builders we strive to provide our customers with honest and timely customer service to ensure a pleasant experience for every commercial construction project in the Tri-State area.


  • Solutions

  • Thoughtful Analysis

  • Valuable Insight

Inventive Builder’s extensive experience as a building company in the New York City area means that we are able to provide trustworthy construction consulting in the fields of architecture, interior design, commercial construction, residential construction, risk management and project planning. Our qualified team will be able to guide you and your company through every aspect of your commercial or residential construction project.


  • Develop Plans

  • Design Structures

  • Project Management

Inventive Builder’s fluent team of architects works together to design beautiful and sustainable structures that provide both functionality and luxury. Our commercial offices, industrial warehouses, and residential properties are all designed for the highest level of safety. Our team develops inventive ways of designing creative and efficient structures, which will aesthetically please.


  • Full Service

  • Remodeling

  • Restorations

Our construction team at Inventive Builders provides a full range of building services to the New York City and its surrounding areas. No matter if the project is a lavish corporate office or residential apartment building, the Inventive Builder’s construction team will professionally execute every aspect of your project from the permit acquisition to the last nail. Our highly skilled craftsmen strive to produce outstanding results for each and every one of our clients.


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